Business Credit Card Payment Options in Rome, NY


Credit Card Payment Services in Rome, New York

InstaChek, Inc. is committed to facilitating your payment collections through a full range of merchant services. Credit cards are among the most popular forms of payment, so you need to be able to accept the form of payment that your customers and clients prefer to use. Providing the convenience of paying by credit card can promote customer satisfaction and facilitate the collection of money that is owed to your business. Whether your transactions are completed in a brick and mortar location, through the Internet or mail order, or with a mobile payment transaction, InstaChek has the credit card processions solutions you are looking for. Certified EMV/Contactless/Apple Pay processors.

When you need merchant services for e-commerce, MOTO - mail order and telephone order, or some other format, you need to find a provider that is known for reliability and competitive rates. Downtime with your equipment or merchant services can wreak havoc on your business and cost you money. InstaChek has a reputation for providing dependable service, credit card equipment supply and repair for all your needs. You can count on us to simplify your payment processing and collection efforts regardless of your business format.

At InstaChek, we know that credit card processing needs to be simple for your business activities, and it also needs to be easy for your customers. When customers get frustrated with payment processing through e-commerce or MOTO - mail order and telephone order, they may simply cancel their order altogether. This results in a lost sale to your business. When the in-person payment processing is a hassle, they may not make a future purchase with you. The company that you choose to work with for merchant services will play a major role in customer satisfaction. Contact InstaChek today at (315) 338-0723 to learn more about the services we offer.